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$476,000 WON in 18 months at the Lottery (and Keno!)

Their incredible story will be released in the book... “(Less Than) Rags to Riches”. The “luckiest” couple of all time now admits they didn’t rely on just luck to beat the Lottery (and Keno) games across the country.. they used an incredible “number system” they developed personally that has won almost one half million dollars in less than 18 months! They changed their life almost overnight and left all their money problems behind because they found a simple secret that can predict winning Lottery (and Keno) numbers in an uncanny way! Thousands of dollars in winnings every week... more winning Lottery tickets than anyone has ever seen... and the ability to cash winning Keno
tickets at the most incredible rate... is what the “G-Numbers Project” is all about! The remarkable “numbers system” they used to earn almost $500,000 in 18 months... is now available to a limited few before the release of their book!

Tired of losing at the Lottery (and Keno)?

You don’t have to! Billions of dollars are lost every year by people who play their state Lotteries (and Keno) completely wrong! They give away incredible advantages by playing the wrong numbers at the wrong time! In a recent study it was found that over 90% of all those who regularly play Lotteries (and Keno) actually increase the odds against themselves by playing the wrong tickets using numbers that have a “decreased”chance of coming up! There is a way to give yourself the best possible chance to hit the
big payoffs at any state Lottery or casino Keno... and the fantastic “G-Numbers Project” will show you how anyone can do it! “Lottery (and Keno) games are NOT just a pure gamble any longer! You can win a fortune if you know how to play the “right” numbers at the “right” time. The “winningest” couple of all time release the most incredible secrets about the Lottery! Talk about a real life rags to riches story and you have to mention the incredible story of Mr. and Mrs. G! But this mysterious couple was not just poor, they were as they say, “less than poor”! But in only a short while they won hundreds of jackpots, worth an astounding $476,000 in only a few months using the most incredible discovery about random numbers. A discovery that is so fantastic over the course of the next two years, Lotteries around the country will have to change some of the rules... or they will lose millions of dollars! The story of Mr. and Mrs. G reads like a fairy tale from long ago. They both started a computer programming company from almost nothing, that grew to over four million dollars per year in business. The crash that hit computer companies four years ago destroyed that business in only a few months! They dropped to where most people never get, to food stamps and poverty before they realized they had the computer skills themselves to solve their problem! They discovered an “AMAZING” secret about Lotteries that few people ever realize! A secret so powerful it made them a fortune!

Who are the mysterious Mr. and Mrs. “G”?

If you don’t know who Mr. and Mrs. G are then you will when you hear their names! The contract with the company that is publishing their incredible story in the book “(Less Than) Rags to Riches”, will not allow the names of Mr. and Mrs. G to be released until the book is published! The identity of this incredible couple has been the subject of speculation for over a year, since they first started their “Private Winning Seminars” on how to beat Lotteries (and Keno)! You may have seen their small ads in newspapers or on bulletin boards in selected areas of the country, and wondered what it was all about. Dozens of people have now learned the incredible “G-Numbers Project” and are winning real money, beyond anything they could have imagined!

How to WIN... at least one out of every five Lottery games you play!

The secret to beating the lottery has been uncovered by the “G-Numbers Project”... and it has nothing to do with what most people believe! Most spend all their time and energy trying for the big super jackpots of 10, 20, 30 million dollars, or more! The big winnings are are made from the smaller Pick3 and Pick-4 games... and hitting them more often! Can you imagine having a WINNING Lottery ticket at least once in every five games... Huge Profits are made when you hit one out of every five Lottery games you play! That’s what the “G-Numbers Project” can show you how to do! You can actually increase your chances of hitting Pick-3 and Pick-4 games up to 700 times what they now are by
following a simple procedure called “looping”! Most people try for the big payoffs and hope for a lucky hit. Guess what, the real way to win big is confining your play to... games that have separate columns with the “same” numbers in each column! At this time, that’s Pick-3 and Pick-4 games. All other Lottery games use a continuous run of numbers from one to as high as fifty five. The odds are much higher than if you had the same amount of numbers in separate columns! When you play these games your chances of winning are MUCH less than they should be! They know you’ll play because you want the big jackpot... but you can win just as much as the big jackpot playing the Pick-3 and Pick-4... and hitting more often!!!

The “G-Numbers Project” will show you how to hit an average of TWO Pick-4 jackpots EVERY MONTH... playing as little as $15 each game!

Imagine investing only $40 and walking away with $5,000! Imagine doing this AT LEAST twice every month! That’s what happened to Mr. and Mrs. G and the “G-Numbers Project” can do the same for YOU! Don’t play for the mega jackpots, because your chances of hitting them are probably much more than the listed odds, just by the way you are playing!
Hit FIVE to TEN Pick-3 jackpots every month... by playing as little as $15 each game! Invest $15 each game and hit as many as fifteen Pick-3 jackpots? Each top Pick-3 jackpot is $500 to $600... and you can hit them as often as ten times per month... maybe more! It’s foolish to always be trying for the “big one” when the real road to massive profits is to win the Pick-3 and Pick-4 games more often.
And remember, for Pick-3 and Pick-4 games... you get your winnings right away, not over 20 or more years! That’s instant cash... paid to you right away... not spread out over decades! What’s better for you, to hit a million dollar jackpot that pays $50,000 per year for 20 years... or dozens of smaller jackpots that can add up to $15,000 in “instant” winning EVERY MONTH?

Stop playing (and losing) the Lottery (and Keno) games “just-for-fun”!

The “G-Numbers Project” will show you how to turn these games into a “Winning Proposition” for a change! You can cash more winning Lottery (and Keno) tickets the first month with the “G-Numbers Project” than you probably have your whole life! Mr. & Mrs. G have turned their entire life around in only a few short months with their INCREDIBLE discovery... and you can too! The once obscure couple were just like any other couple struggling daily to make ends meet. Circumstances forced them to accomplish something that is only a dream for most people, the ability to WIN almost at will at two of the most popular forms of gambling in the country! What is this incredible discovery about Lottery (and Keno) games that allows those who know it to turn the game around and make it pay for the player? The lottery has a secret that very few people ever realize. Those who know about it have exploited it to the fullest! Contrary to what most people believe, Lottery games that have the same numbers in connecting columns are not subject to the same

They were averaging two to three winning Lotteries a week!

“We kept careful records of how every seminar graduate did with the “G-Numbers Project”... To be sure each one of the seminar graduates were successful with the “G-Numbers Project”. Mr. & Mrs. G kept in close contact with each one of them. Their success was important to them since it validated the method and provided continued proof to the publisher of the success of the “G-Numbers Project”. Amazingly, even though many of the seminar grads were not playing every day... overall they were averaging from two to three winning Lotteries per week from Pick-3 and Pick-4 games combined! This incredible record has continued right up until this letter went to press. These people are now confirmed winners... each and every one of them, and the “G-Numbers Project” is the reason! They stopped laughing when they saw our copies of the forms we filled out for big wins at Keno! After those at the seminar were taught the “G-Numbers Project” for Keno Mr. & Mrs. G starting receiving the details of some of the wins they experienced! Some were winning almost one third of the Two to Five spot tickets they were
laws of mathematics as the same amount of “different” numbers! If you have ten of the same number sin four different columns you still have a 9 to 1 chance for any single number in each column separately. But if you have forty completely different numbers then the odds are much higher because the numbers are Not connected in any way! This means the number of combinations would be much more because there are more “different” numbers! Beyond this difference is another fact, winning Lottery numbers for Pick-3 and Pick-4 games are LESS likely to repeat in other columns as well as the column they appeared originally! But winning Lottery numbers with completely different numbers and no columns... are Not! Keno shares many of the same characteristics of most lotteries. There are certain numbers that have been drawn recently that have a decreased chance of being drawn again “based on their position” in relation to other recently drawn numbers! Even more important, even though Keno is supposed to be a totally random number game, there are very few repeat numbers in a “short playing for thousands of dollars in winnings each week! One man played three hours per day for over a month and never won less than $1,000 each day! All these winners provided more proof of the fantastic power of the “G-Numbers Project” and it also proved this incredible method would be a winner for just about anyone who used it! Are these big winners going to effect the game of Keno in the future? Will the casinos change the rules to protect themselves from more and more winners when the book is released? “Most of them started with less than $200 and many have won tens of thousands of dollars”! The most incredible aspect of the “G-Numbers Project” is the small amount of capital most of the seminar graduates needed to start. Because of the low number of tickets needed for each game most of them started with an average of LESS than $200... but have gone on to win tens of thousands of dollars in a very short time! Many Lottery systems require the user to invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars for each game to cover hundreds of tickets. The “G-Numbers Project” requires only a few tickets for each game, because it shows you how to automatically reduce the number of tickets you need while increasing your chances at the same time!
cycle” series of games! A “shortcycle” is the number of spots played according the total amount of possible numbers for each game, which is 80. So a “short cycle” for Five Spot tickets is four games, and for Four Spot tickets it’s five games, etc. This means that you can actually eliminate numbers as you play according to the number of spots you play on a ticket for that series! This will decrease the number of likely numbers that will show after each game within a cycle... which means an INCREASED chance of you hitting all the spots left on your ticket! Of course you must know HOW to do this... but the “G-Numbers Project” will show how EASY it really is! All this spells big winnings using very few tickets for each game! All of these discoveries are based on the INCREDIBLE computer work of Mr. & Mrs. G. These discoveries are so profound... many of those who are now using the “G-Numbers Project”... predict Lottery (and Keno) games will be changed when this incredible system is released on a wide scale!

How can the “G-Numbers Project” BEAT the Lottery?

Why the lottery may be changed in most states! All Lottery games are NOT the same! Most people approach the lottery with the hope of hitting the big jackpot, the one that’s advertised the most! But this is a sure way to almost never win anything! They would rather you play for the big jackpot only, because this is where most of the profit comes from. Pick-3 and Pick-4 games were started AFTER play dropped off in the big Lottery-Mega jackpot games because people were getting discouraged from not winning anything! The real profits for the Lottery come
from ticket sales from these big Mega jackpots because the odds increase and the payoff decreases as more and more people buy tickets, which means more and more money for those who run the Lottery! If many people hold the same winning ticket the jackpot gets divided up which cuts the payout to the winner further and further! This means the odds against you are actually increased further because you’re not getting the full payout when you win! This is a win/win situation for the Lottery operators! The Pick-3 and Pick-4 games are based on a “set” percentage. This means that no matter how many people buy tickets the odds are the same because the odds for each number in a column are the same! They do not make as much money from the Pick-3 and Pick-4 games because the percentage are the same from column to column! Not only that, because you are only dealing with ten “different” numbers in each column, you can eliminate “dead” numbers. These are numbers that have a “decreased” chance of showing because of their position in prior
games. Only the “G-Numbers Project” can show you how to spot these “dead” numbers for INCREDIBLE profits!

The odds fluctuate constantly on Pick-3 and Pick-4 games, because of “dead” numbers!

The odds for Pick-3 and Pick-4 do not stay the same! As games are played certain numbers have a decreased chance of showing for future games because of their “position” in the prior draws! But these are not necessarily numbers that have been drawn a certain number of times, they can also be numbers that have not been drawn! Many people believe that numbers that have come up a lot have a decreased chance of showing again. This is not always correct! A “dead” number can be both... a number that has been “overdrawn” in past games and those that may have been neglected and not drawn recently! To correctly identify “dead” numbers you must know what to
look for after each game. But when you know this you can eliminate 50% (or more) of the numbers, and increase your chances of winning by decreasing the odds and playing less tickets for each game!

Identify the “Live” numbers can give you an even bigger advantage!

The opposite of “dead” numbers are “live” numbers. These are numbers that have an INCREASED chance of showing because of the opposite reasons for “dead” numbers! While identifying “dead” numbers can decrease the odds against you, identifying “live” numbers can give you an advantage beyond anything you can imagine! Once you know how to spot “dead” and “live” numbers winning is easy because the odds against you can be decreased further and further the more games you play! It’s not uncommon to be playing only two or three numbers in each column after several games and still hit up to 20% of all the games you play!

This may be your ONLY chance to learn how to win thousands of $$$ every week... DON’T BLOW IT!

If you think your just going to get lucky some day and hit a big Lottery or Keno payoff... you’re living in the dream world the casinos want you be in! The Lottery thrives on hopeless dreams. The states take in hundreds of millions of dollars from people who “hope” to win! The casinos send busses and planes to pick up these dreamers! It’s okay to dream about it, but I can tell you right now, unless you can beat the odds of millions to one, you’re not going to win with luck alone! You need an edge! You need a way to cut those INCREDIBLE odds against you! You need the benefit of the research and knowledge of others who have beaten and continue beat these games! The “G-Numbers
Project” can show you how to increase your chances of winning so much... losing will be something rare that seldom happens! The remarkable story of Mr. & Mrs. G... can be your story too! they are living the dream you can live! It’s easy, but you must take the first step... and that first step starts with the “G-Numbers Project”! It’s easy to learn and understand. Dozens of others have used it and have learned it in only a short while, and all of them are cleaning up like they never thought possible! Forget using your birthday or age or house number to pick winning numbers “it ain’t gonna happen”! You need a sound method based on mathematical facts about the Lottery and Keno, not same “wishing-well” type fantasy advice!

Would YOU rather have it NOW... or later?